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BTX HAIR “Botox”

May 6, 2014 by LWDadmin - No Comments

I spotted this on a routine visit to my hairdresser Imelda Maguire and out of curiosity I decided to give it a go. Having dry frizzy hair from years of bleaching Imelda felt this would be a good treatment for my hair. Imelda assured me she wouldn’t be injecting Botox into my scalp so reassured I went ahead!!

So what is it?
“BTX hair with “Botox” effect for hair treatment is a hydro-nutritive and anti-aging shock that has the ability to “revive” and to “tame” the hair, adding shine and softness, eliminating the frizz effect.”

So does it do what it says…
I have to say my hair felt so soft, shiny and silky after that I was very impressed. The effect of the treatment is still obvious weeks later.

The manufacturers recommend for those with ;
* Hair that is damaged,
* Dehydrated, dull,
* Weak brittle,
* Sensitive hair
* Hair that needs maintenance after hair colour, highlights or bleaching.

Btx Botox for hair

Give it a go!